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NANBAN Round Ceramic Bonsai pot 17cm

NANBAN Round Ceramic Bonsai pot 17cm

  • Handcrafted by Zero Bonsai
  • Crafted for Shohin Bonsai

Pot Details


  • DW Clay

Internal Dimensions
Length: 16cm
Depth: 2cm

External Dimensions
Length: 18cm
Depth: 3cm

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The earliest forms of Nanban ceramics were introduced to Japan in the latter half of the 16th century from the south of China and Southeast Asia .

The rustic charm of Nanban ceramics makes them a perfect fit for contemporary interior design,draws on natural materials and textures to create calming, grounded environments. The wabi-sabi philosophy, which embraces imperfection, aligns well with modern minimalistic aesthetics, making Nanban pots ideal for spaces seeking to blend simplicity with profound artistic heritage. 

Our handcrafted ceramic pots are all designed and created by us at Zero Bonsai. Each pot having slightly different detail, size, features and colour variations. Created from wet clay, using techniques inspired by pot makers in Japan, carved out of wet clay or slab built. All are high fired and glazed in a variety of colours. Perfect for that special tree or excellent as a gift.

Ceramic : 17cm Misshapen Nanban Pot - Coil Built in our local DW Derwent Valley Clay 

by Zero Bonsai

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