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Zero Bonsai Design

Topaz Cascade Ceramic DW Clay Bonsai Pot 4cm

Topaz Cascade Ceramic DW Clay Bonsai Pot 4cm

  • Handcrafted by Zero Bonsai
  • Crafted for Mame Bonsai

Pot Details


  • Topaz

Internal Dimensions
Length: 3.25cm
Width: 3.25cm
Depth: 4.75cm

External Dimensions
Length: 4cm
Width: 4cm
Depth: 6cm

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Our handcrafted ceramic pots are all designed and created by us at Zero Bonsai. Each pot having slightly different detail, size, features and colour variations. Created from wet clay, using techniques inspired by pot makers in Japan, carved out of wet clay or slab built. All are high fired and glazed in a variety of colours. Perfect for that special tree or excellent as a gift

Local Clay

Pot created with our own local Derbyshire - Rustic Derwent Valley Clay

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