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Zero Bonsai Trees

Cotoneaster Bonsai Tree

Cotoneaster Bonsai Tree

  • Cotoneaster
  • Outdoor
  • Evergreen
  • 8cm Tall
  • 5+ Years Old
  • 5cm Pot Length
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Bonsai tree: 5+ Year old Cotoneaster - (white flowers, Red berries)

Welcome to the world of Mame Bonsai pots, where artistry and nature intertwine on a miniature scale. Mame, derived from the Japanese word for "bean," aptly describes the tiny yet captivating universe of these bonsai containers.

Note : Repotted  2024

There are many Cotoneaster bonsai about, a very interesting tree, white flowers, followed by orange berries. A bonsai species that is very forgiving and excellent for a novice to develop their bonsai skills
Must be kept outside, loves a sunny location and to be well watered


10cm  Stoneware Shallow Dish - by Zero Bonsai

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