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Bonsai Starter Bundle - Signature

Bonsai Starter Bundle - Signature

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Signature - Bonsai Starter Bundle 

The perfect way to get into the world of bonsai. This set includes everything you need to pot and develop your own unique bonsai to enjoy for years to come.

This starter bundle includes:

1x Tree - Mandarin - Ligustrum 5+ year old starter tree ready to repot.

1x Pot - 6.5cm Oatmeal Cube Pot - By Zero Bonsai

1x Soil - 500g Zero Bonsai soil mix.

2x Wire - Aluminium branch shaping wire.

1x Mesh - Drainage mesh.

1x Scissors - 120mm bonsai scissors.

1x Chopstick - Hand crafted chopstick.

You will also receive a link to our exclusive repotting video. It's perfect for beginners in the world of bonsai, allowing you to follow along step by step.

About your Ligustrum:

A Timeless Beauty in Miniature. This bonsai is marvellous with elegant foliage and a compact size. It needs minimal maintenance and thrives in different environments. Symbolising harmony and balance, the Mandarin Bonsai is perfect for all skill levels.

The mandarin Bonsai's elegant foliage adds sophistication to any space. Its compact size makes it ideal for small gardens, balconies, or indoor spaces. Whether on a tabletop or as a centrepiece, this bonsai captivates with delicate beauty.

Adaptable to various climates and lighting conditions, the Mandarin Bonsai is suitable for all growers. With minimal maintenance, including watering and pruning, it continues to showcase timeless beauty. Its low-maintenance nature allows enthusiasts to enjoy bonsai without feeling overwhelmed.


  • Tree
  • Pot
  • wire
  • soil
  • scissors
  • chopstick





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