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Japanese Maple 'Kabudachi style' Bonsai

Japanese Maple 'Kabudachi style' Bonsai

  • Maple
  • Outdoor
  • Deciduous
  • 20cm Tall
  • 6+ Years Old
  • 12cm Pot Length
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Japanese Maple Bonsai (Kabudachi style)

Japanese Maple seedlings are fastened together and planted in traditional Japanese Kabudachi style (clump style)
4 years in development as a bonsai

These trees were placed into this dish - 2024

More Info:
Acer-  Japanese maple well suited to bonsai cultivation. It is a super species  that adapts well for bonsai training. The leaves become small once the tree begins to ramify well and the branch structure is very good, making a nice winter silhouette. The tree is fully hardy and will stand full sun to partial shade. Superb Spring, Summer and Autumn  colour.

An unusual group planting of small maples that has the potential to develop into something very unusual and collectable.

12cm Dark Blue Opal - White Stoneware dish - by Zero Bonsai
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