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Bonsai Starter Bundle - Japanese Maple

Bonsai Starter Bundle - Japanese Maple

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Japanese Maple - Bonsai Starter Bundle 

The perfect way to get into the world of bonsai. This set includes everything you need to pot and develop your own unique bonsai to enjoy for years to come.

This starter bundle includes:

1x Tree - Japanese Maple 3+ year old starter tree ready to repot.

1x Pot - 6.5cm Oatmeal  bonsai CUBE pot - by Zero Bonsai

1x Soil - 200g Zero Bonsai soil mix.

2x Wire - Aluminium branch shaping wire.

1x Mesh - Drainage mesh.

1x Scissors - 105mm bonsai scissors.

You will also receive a link to our exclusive repotting video. It's perfect for beginners in the world of bonsai, allowing you to follow along step by step.

About your Maple:

Japanese Maple - Acer Palmatum

The Japanese Maple Bonsai is a captivating plant with elegance, compact size, Elegant  colourful leaves. It's easy to care for and resilient, making it perfect for bonsai beginners.

The leaves create a stunning contrast against delicate branches as they change colour throughout the seasons. 

With regular watering, sunlight, and occasional fertilisation, this bonsai thrives. Symbolically, it represents balance and endurance, reminding us of our own strength.

Choose a Japanese Maple for its beauty and easy care, bringing elegance to your home or garden.


  • Tree
  • Pot
  • wire
  • soil
  • scissors





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