What is Kabudachi Bonsai?

What is Kabudachi Bonsai?

What is Kabudachi Bonsai?

Kabudachi, or clump style, bonsai are striking for their multiple trunks growing from a single root base. Think of it like a miniature forest in a pot! The trunks vary in height and thickness, with the dominant trunk positioned as the tallest and thickest. The overall shape often creates a pleasing triangular or dome effect.

The Kabudachi Advantage

This technique is popular in Japan for several reasons:

    • Impressive Nebari: Kabudachi helps build a strong, fused root base (nebari) faster than working with a single tree.
    • Variety: You can achieve this style with numerous species. Field Maples and Japanese Maples are popular, but experiment with thriving trees native to your area.
    • Fun and Fast: It's rewarding to watch a kabudachi develop relatively quickly in just a few years.

Creating Your Kabudachi: Tips and Resources

    1. Seedling Selection: Start with 9-11 healthy seedlings of similar size for the best visual fusion. (Bonus tip: Using air layers from the same tree ensures genetic consistency.)
    1. Collection Time: In the UK, early spring is ideal for gathering. Important: Always get a landowner's permission before collecting seedlings.
    1. Development Phase: Plant your clump in a pond basket with well-draining soil.Allow it to grow unrestricted for at least three seasons, fertilising regularly. Focus on trimming for shape.
    1. Patience Pays Off: Don't rush to put your kabudachi in a bonsai pot too soon.Robust growth now builds a stronger foundation later.

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