Q. How often and when do I need to water my tree

A. Watering Frequency… (Outdoor) depends on time of year, season.. Daily temperature etc. But an excellent pointer if you are using our own BONSAI SOIL MIX ( see bonsai soil) watch the colour change of the Akadama ( Japanese clay granules) in the mix. As it dries out it becomes a very light brown colour. This changes to dark brown as it retains moisture. If it stays this colour ( which often happens during the UK winter rainy months ) no water is required, let nature take its course. Just keep an eye out during dry windy days as the moisture evaporates rapidly sometimes. During spring, summer and autumn early morning and late evening a good fine spray ( ideally using collected rainwater or hose pipe with a fine nozzle is ideal. On wet days this frequency may not be required. Remember the watering has a dual purpose along with providing the moisture required, it forces air and oxygen into the granular soil helping the roots to stay healthy and develop strength. (Indoor) The soil colour guide is the same as above, but the tree will sometimes dry out with the artificial heat indoors. its a good exercise to take the tree out once a week to water well…. Putting it out in a summer rain storm is excellent too.

Q. When and how often do I need to re pot my tree

A. This depends on species, but young trees usually need to be repotted every 2-3 years. The best guide is to note if the pot is retaining surface water and also if the roots have circled the pot, taking up all the space. This is usually done in the Spring prior to bud break.

Q. Will my tree be okay in this size pot.

A. Your BONSAI tree will happily live in its original pot for years...even decades. Some trees as in nature live hundreds of years. If cared for correctly, fed, watered and repotted properly. The concept of Bonsai is to mimic a normal tree, over time with correct trimming of branches and roots. This trains and develops fine ramification of both. Remember this little tree if planted outdoors will grow to the same height as all its contemporaries. The simple answer enthusiasts change pots to enhance a design change or development change in the tree to make the tree/pot combination more aesthetically pleasing. Bonsai often look very good in the smallest pot it will go into…