Bonsai Care

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Our maintenance services include simple easy to learn basic instruction that can maximize your ability to develop the tree into a good quality bonsai while maintaining robust health.

Bonsai can be great fun and very rewarding even to the novice.

At 0zero bonsai we can help maintain and enhance your bonsai efficiently, give initial potting, wiring instruction or just seasonal advice on the daily responsibilities of keeping your tree healthy.

0Zero Bonsai Seasonal Bonsai - Autumn

Seasonal Bonsai - Autumn

During the Autumn, as daylight hours become shorter and temperatures fall, trees react by hardening off soft growth. The trees begin increasing their levels of sugars and carbohydrates which act as an antifreeze and ensure that the plant itself will not freeze. Deciduous species lose their leaves all growth virtually stops for 4 or 5 months. Dormancy arrives (Coniferous species have thin, waxy needles that reduce transpiration to a minimum and this allows them to stay evergreen).

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Eventually as winter arrives, trees have completed their natural defensive system.

Some bonsai beginners feel that their trees may die if subject to the harsh conditions of the winter months and bring their trees indoors to "protect" them. This does more harm than good. It stops dormancy, resulting continual growth throughout the year. A dormant period is must as the tree will continue to grow. It may even grow continuously for a couple of years after which, whatever the season may die.

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In truth nearly all temperate woody plants are reliably hardy down to -10°C (15F). Below this temperature all that is required is some protection for the root system which is not as frost hardy as the top growth. To become reliably hardy to these temperatures, trees must fully harden up in the Autumn by being grown outside. Trees are able to survive sub-zero temperatures by being dormant.

Deciduous Trees can be kept in a garage or shed should temperatures fall lower for an extended period, remember as they have no leaves little light is required. Temperatures should not rise and the trees need to be checked occasionally as the soil should not be allowed to dry out. But more often trees are fine kept outside in a place with a little shelter away from freezing winds and heavy rain or snow. Should they become waterlogged for days on end place a piece of wood under the bonsai container, this will help to enhance drainage and oxygen flow throughout the root system.